The agency is dead.
Unidea is thriving.

We’ve evolved from traditional agency to integrated communications agency.

Like a
we have 360°

The team

Brand Communication, Digital, Content, Video.
This is our recipe for WOW factor.

A recipe that works every time, in the right hands and the right minds.
And ours are the right ones.

Sandro Comini
President and Creative Director
Mauro Regeni
CEO and General Manager
Roberta Pironio
Administrative Manager
Gianpiero Scauzilli
Creative director
Martina Armani
Production Manager
Francesco Brollo
Press Office Manager
Daniele Cozzi
Digital Marketing Manager
Fabio De Bernardis
Key Account Manager
Martina Paron
Secretary and manager assistant
Damiano Cau
Social Manager
Michela Picco
Graphic Designer
Marco Sgualdino
Graphic Designer
Luca Silvestro
Graphic Designer
Davide Del Dò
Andrea Blasi
Digital Animator